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Benefits of Drug Testing

It is not necessary that drug testing be done only for lab analysis purposes. The reason being the results come in quickly after doing the test. It is a drug testing that is beneficial in a workplace because it can be used when an employee gets hurt while at work. This is because the results should show whether the employee had used an illegal drug causing him to be negligent and cause the accident. Instant drug testing is used the drug treatment program where it is established if any work has been using illegal drugs. Moreover, it normally checks on the people who are on probation for illegal drug use.

The urine drug test is the most common drug tests however other drug tests can be done in many methods. During drug testing the screening on person’s urine is carried to look for urine metabolites, not for any particular drug. If metabolites are found in their urine then they have used the drug. While doing drug tests you can do this by testing sweat, saliva, hair and blood etc.

In most labs the drug testing is done in a cost-effective, professional and convenient way. You get served in about 15 minutes meaning there are no long waits further your results are given to in 24 to 48 hours. Walk-ins are in most labs. The labs offer is high-quality testing however it is not doctors who do tests because labs have personnel that are helpful, certified, fully trained and experienced.

Drug testing is not only illegal drugs because the specimen can also be used detecting consumption of alcohol. There is a gadget that can be used to determine the alcohol content in blood using the alcohol devices that instantly test for alcohol. The urine and blood tests used to screen alcohol in a human doubled with alcohol strips. Alcohol strips are put in the mouth to decide if the person has consumed alcohol. The period of detection is when a drug is being detected however the detection periods are different on every illegal drug all which take time to be assimilated in the body.

It takes time for the fat cells in a human body to purge which makes it easy for cannabis to be detected in the body even 30 days after smoking it. However cocaine since it is a water-soluble substance it gets out of the body within 72 hours. Drug testing makes hard for job seekers to get jobs easily moreover it slows down employers from paying workers’ compensation when the accident was due to an employee’s carelessness since they were under the influence of some substance.

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